Casket Selections

Hall Funeral Homes offer an appropriate selection of funeral and cremation merchandise. If you do not find what you wish in our selection room, we are able to assist you in quickly procuring the merchandise you wish.


Bronze and Copper

These casket selections are made from the best quality materials available. They are know for their durability, beauty, natural resistance to rust and corrosion. They choices include premium grade velvet interiors.

Wood Selections

Wood offers both warmth and natural beauty. The wood casket choices are available in solid hardwood, and premium veneers. As with fine furniture, the species of wood affects the appearance and price. A variety of interior selections are available to meet budget and style considerations.

Stainless Steel

These premium grade caskets are naturally rust-resistant and long lasting. Basic grades feature patented cathodic protection which uses electrochemical reaction to inhibit the formation of rust. This is an appealing mid-range selection for those seeking attractive finishes in a wide range of styles and shapes.

Steel Selections

The steel caskets are available in several thicknesses and a wide variety of shapes and colors. In addition, there is a variety of interior selections to meet budget and style considerations.