Traditional Funeral Services



When you choose traditional burial, there are commemorative choices appropriate for every family tradition, and every budget. These may include a family gathering, services at the funeral home or church, the gravesite, and many others. As we listen carefully to your wishes, we will help you select from the many forms of tributes made possible by today’s contemporary funeral traditions.

The Funeral Service has three rites: the visitation, the service, and the interment. Each rite is separate and distinct. However, together they create a powerful and necessary means of expression.


The Visitation

The visitation allows the family an opportunity to view the deceased and is also a time when the community is invited to share experiences about the deceased. This part of the ritual is so crucial to both the family and the community because it allows moments to express memories and feelings amongst each other. The visitation is to celebrate the life of our loved one with the community.

The Service

The service is a time of affirmation of a life lived. It is a time for memorialization. It provides a time for religious and spiritual recognition. The service is a ritual for the deceased by offering thoughts and prayers while reflecting and celebrating the life of a loved one.

The Committal

The final rite is the committal service. The committal service, the actual burial, is a symbolic demonstration that we must say goodbye. At the grave site short prayers and verses will be said.